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Custom monitors help to eliminate feedback, lower onstage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. Custom fit monitors not only allow you to hear with clarity and crispness, when used properly they help protect your hearing. They can provide up to 25 dB reduction.

When going with custom monitors through Let's Talk Earz, individuals are educated on the process and the changes you will go through. I stand behind my clients and become part of their team to allow the best transition to monitors. If your monitors are in need of troubleshooting or repair, I will handle it for you.


Improved sound in the audio signal path

There is greater accuracy having only those instruments one wishes to hear in the monitor mix without anything unwanted bleeding in from adjacent monitors or instruments. This eliminates volume wars where everyone on the stage turns up their monitors to hear themselves over everyone's monitors.

Absence of feedback

Cost Savings

Monitors save money compared to expensive wedges and amplifiers, especially when elements such as labor for setup and tear down, weight and space on trucks, extra cabling, and large road cases are factored in.

Fitting process:

Impressions of your ears are the most vital process when going with custom molds and most importantly custom monitors. Impressions differ for musicians. Most impressions for monitors are shot they way hearing aid impressions are done by most audiology clinics.

Unfortunately it is you that suffers and will leave you with a bad experience because of fit issues this will cause with your product. I stand behind my fittings and if it is not right, I will make it right! Click here to learn more about the impression process

Services Received with Purchase:

-Free Ear Impressions

-Free Ear Monitor Cleanings (very important)

-Free Troubleshooting

-24/7 Customer Service

-Handling of repairs (fee's may apply if out of warranty)

-Handling of orders

-Information about the product and consultation of "how to" & "what to expect" of the ear monitors

On-Site Services Available through the U.S.

If you are a musician that needs on-site service for your fitting

please contact me today to make an appointment.

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